The unfolding financial crisis is a hall of mirrors. What appears a terrible thing may hide what is good. Only a vision as broad as Christ, One with Our Father in Heaven can help us see through the fog of financial war. Never has maya been woven so thick around the affairs of men.

Plato and Aristotle
Plato and Aristotle
The School of Athens by Raphael
‘As above, so below’

This series of letters begins with a contemplation of the bank crisis in Cyprus where we investigate two thousand years of history and the mysteries of Greece and Christ.

The resulting document is of interest to all men and women: Popes, Kings and Queens, Archbishops, politicians, secret service, military men, bankers, magistrates, corporate CEOs, lay church members, atheists ... people from all countries from Argentina to Britain, from Japan to America; from all religions, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, etc.

Letters of the Court

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Open Letter to the Republic of Cyprus

President Nicos Anastasiades

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Open Letter
21 April 2013

Dear President Anastasiades,

From the Global Isles Court of Record, on behalf of our Plaintiff, in pursuit of justice and right for all people, which therefore includes all men and women living on the island called Cyprus, we send greeting!

Enclosed is our Open Letter to His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II regarding the financial crisis in Cyprus. It requires immediate personal attention by every member of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES who makes claim to represent the people.

Aristotle reminds us that changes of the Earth, slow in comparison to the duration our lives, are overlooked and that great catastrophes result in former common knowledge and custom to be forgotten.

The current financial crisis faced by the people of Cyprus, which comes in a long series of calamities that have flashed past the eye of history over the hundred years past, that it becomes nigh impossible to discern the Rule of Law, or even if there can be such, that has brought great tyranny to an end. Yet this is what the thesis that follows proposes. It is based on well researched material and years of contemplation. Our advice is to ignore the “shouts of rulers of fools” and do right by the people of Cyprus.

Copies of relevant correspondence follow – additional Open Letters are on our web site. We request that all members of Parliament of Cyprus get copies. Thank you for your kind attention.

We close with some notes for the ‘representatives of the people’. Whilst republics and independence have been the rage over the last few centuries, ‘independence’ is really found to be interdependence in a world where the produce on supermarket shelves comes from all over the world. We would suggest that those who sincerely wish the best for their people, ally themselves with long standing Monarchies – the Vatican is such a Monarchy, as is the British Monarchy which has close ties to the people of Greek origin.

The testament of history is that republics fail. The strong must protect the weak – using the strength of their superior contemplation of the Rule of Law. There is no other way. Those who grabbed the visible and visceral force of Caesar have failed in every case – including the unfolding failure of the demonstrably powerless formal Caesar in Europe and America. This is the case in all ‘countries’, all of which are bankrupt names in commerce, financed by fraudulent conversion that rests on the malicious deception of the common man.

History demonstrates that the old monarchies want nothing for the men and women of the land except freedom, including secular civil rights – and a return of liberty and freedom of conscience to the people.

The enclosed letter to His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II is a soliton of law – by ‘commercial’ or ‘admiralty’ ‘law of the sea’ or by the law of the land that Jesus Christ settled into the Christian kingdoms of the former Roman Empire, the testament of which is in the Bible, particularly the Gospel of Saint Luke chapters nineteen and twenty – it cannot be overcome. One if by land and One if by sea. The soliton of law is testament to a bill in this Court of Record on behalf of all living men and women. All those who have enabled fraudulent conversion and the identity State are the defendants. Christ threw the money-changers out of the temple of public life and destroyed the Roman Caesar. Caesar lives again – as a formal ghost, because we have forgotten the Constitution of the Vineyard of Our Lord.

The benefits of the Rule of Law may appear difficult to contemplate – no passports, no fake money, no borders, no terror, no war. Honest markets, free trade, religious freedom, liberty!

We in this Court of Record and at the Global Settlement Foundation are ready to serve all men and women, without distinction of people and nations.

Contemplation on the Financial Crisis in Cyprus

His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II

Open Letter
Amicus curiæ

16th April 2013

His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II

May it please Almighty God that by these present we knock on the door of the Orthodox Church with greeting!

We witness the financial plunder in Cyprus and how, without a shot being fired, some ‘deposits’ are being garnished by as much as sixty percent. There is a better process available to mankind, one pleasing to Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Father in Heaven.

We also take note that His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II, has immediately assumed the mantle of His Beatitude’s duty to ensure that the Sheep of Our Lord Jesus Christ are fed. In this urgent endeavour the wealth of the Church has been pledged, to no apparent avail.

This letter is a thesis by which His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II can free the Church and the people of Cyprus from domination by external powers and create an open society based on exchange of goods – with the immediate benefit of transmuting anger into the production of real wealth that cannot be stolen by bankers.

We unlock the rational mysteries of Christ and empower Christians to free themselves from enslavement to politicians, bankers, bureaucrats and external ‘financial institutions’ – who incarnate for us the power of Caesar.

The Global Settlement Foundation is pleased to provide the technical infrastructure and legal research by which His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II may Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God” as Pope Benedict XVI preached in his last Christmas sermon1.

By the contemplation of the Law of Christ and the laws of Caesar, once again it is witnessed that Caesar’s State is falling to ruin and there is nothing Caesar can do about it.

We enclose a soliton of law2, a soliton being a ‘solitary wave’, the one stone which, “Luke 20:18 Whosoever shall fall upon that stone shall be broken; but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder.”

The idea of the all powerful Westphalian State that has dominated the history of Europe in recent centuries is vanishing into the empyrean before our eyes.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.
- Lewis Carroll

The method of this letter

We begin with the Law of Christ and its bedrock in Greek philosophy. This is to heal the virtual lobotomy in the west between those with the left-brain scientific character traits (think German engineer/banker/warrior) and the right brained character traits of those whose art is painted on the pages of European history. The impersonal nature of the philosopher’s God is also the personal saviour of those who with intense devotion contemplate the passion of Christ.

The purpose of this thesis is to build bridges of constructive cooperation between all peoples and reintroduce finality of settlement in trade.

We examine the laws of Caesar, the God of those who worship arbitrary Force, who creates the mountain of statutes, the Tower of Babel, which has been ‘administered’ as a slow poison to the brains of the rule-fearing lower and middle class population of the west and that has turned all of Caesar’s courts into administrative courts where the people cannot, if they look into it, find either law or equity.

We contrast commerce and trade. Caesar’s commerce, which keeps the people too busy to think and allows the ‘upper class3’ of bankers access to purchasing power that the usurious lenders of the past could only dream of, is the basis for financial war and used to finance the ever escalating spiral of weapons. We look into how ‘negotiation’ is defined in commerce and its consequences for bank deposits, ‘foreign exchange’ and how the people and their leaders have been entrapped and then treated as infants.

We trace the history of the modern Caesar back to the Peace of Westphalia and how the modern Nation State came to be and how politicians cannot possibly be our representatives.

We finally invoke Prosperity and place our resources in law and trade at the disposal of His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II, that he may lead the way to a durable prosperity free of usurious lenders and false law.

The letter is a condensed introduction to decades of research and contemplation. This letter is intended as a starting point for formulating the right questions, the answers to which, can solve the problems of our age.

We ask you, dear reader, to forgive us for any perceived insult or strong emotion caused by these words that follow. Satan is nothing other than the wickedness of our own egos with its strong emotions – personified in ancient epics as the ten headed4 demon – cut off one head and it sprouts a new head.

This letter marks a milestone in our odyssey5 to reclaim the Vineyard of Our Father
for His children.

The Law of Christ

I and My Father are One
- Gospel of Saint John 10:30

One, to the ancient Greeks, was not just the first counting number6. Our Lord Jesus Christ came to an advanced civilisation of His day, a civilisation that produced the Antikythera mechanism, a mechanical computer capable of accurately predicting the eclipses of the moon with “jaw dropping” precision.

For the Hellenic Civilisation of Archimedes, Plato, Socrates, Proclus and Plotinus, philosophers who loved wisdom, One represented the Good, the inviolable ultimate Reality as utter self-sufficiency and the source of all Power; the Authentic, which never ceases to be itself, which cannot be negated; the Absolute, self sufficient, without need of anything. One, “is nowhere, nowhere is it not”7 according to Plotinus.

The philosophers of His day differentiated between different ‘degrees’ of reality, determined by the degree of participation in the One. The self knowing reality of our Mind, the I-AM of the Bible is the Nous or Intellectual Principle of the Greeks. Nous is Truth, the identity of knower and known; it is Beauty, the shining forth of Divine Ideas. Thus we can differentiate Absolute Reality or One, the self knowing Nous, living reality or Soul and manifest reality or Nature.

The thinkers at the time of Our Lord clearly saw that the oneness or unity of all knowledge included Relations of Ideas and Matters of Fact. They could differentiate the prior in a sequence of reason-principles. The Idea of Man, an intellectual-principle, is prior to its innumerable instances as the lives of all the men and women for all time; in this perfected Idea of Man, salvation is the universal non-dual, timeless life of the One. This philosophical concept of the Idea of Man is simplified as “Our Father”. Our Father, then, includes the Manifest Universe as His body, the Universe-Idea impinging daily on our consciousness; the motivation for the construction of the Antikythera mechanism – to know the manifest will8 of Our Father in Heaven; the universe-idea being thought of as what we would call a hologram today, each part containing and reflecting the essence of all other parts9.

Those who wish to research this further are referred to the Enneads of Plotinus who talks about the Soul thus:

... the Soul is of so far-reaching a nature – a thing unbounded- as to embrace the entire body of the All in one extension... The universe spreads as broad as the presence of soul... a shadow as broad as the Reason-principle proceeding from soul...

- Plotinus, IV.3.9

The most famous agnostic of our time, Professor Richard Dawkins, uses the conception, ‘Blind10 Watchmaker’, to set against the worship of a ‘dead man’. It is better to have some conception of ‘God’ than to have no conception at all. The ‘God’ of Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, suitable for the most advanced contemplation, is a very impersonal One.

With this brief introduction, we can begin to comprehend the depth of Power and Knowledge, demonstrated in His life and implied by the Law of Christ, “I and My Father are Oneand the knowledge of eternal life outside time implicit in, “Before Abraham was, I AM.”.

It is with such direct and intimate knowledge of the Law, the Law by which awareness of consciousness arises, that it becomes possible to know, even experience, the ever-newness of One flashing into manifestation as our psychosomatic, fleshy body, the ‘Son of Man’, that people call ‘human’ today. Heisenberg’s principle of indeterminacy being the ‘Platonic solid’ or ‘mathematical theory’ that is closest to quantifying the newness or randomness.

Without learning, studying, or practising yoga, Heisenberg, famed nuclear physicist, formulator of the Law of Indeterminacy, unwittingly entered what is a high goal to yogis, Nirvikalpa Samadhi. This happened at times at the end of the deepest abstract thinking about his subject. Thoughts themselves ceased to be active. He found himself in the Stillness of the Void. He knew then, and knows today, his spiritual being. ...

When he was dying, Heisenberg said to von Weizsäcker, “It is very easy: I did not know this before.” At another moment he said, “I see now that physics is of no importance, that the world is illusion.” He passed away in peace.

- Notebooks of Paul Brunton11

As Soviet tanks rolled through Prague and the KGB enforced their purges of all intellectual people, loose leaf typed copies of Paul Brunton’s notebooks were smuggled by the spiritually thirsty, taped to the undersides of dining room chairs – stories I have heard direct from the lips of those who lived there – and experienced their authentic spiritual radiation. It can be shown that whilst the Church struggles with transmuting sexual energy and empathetic feeling to kundalini shakthi, there are those whose consciousness has soared in direct experience of One.

Spiritual vs religious

Contemplation of these reason-principles provides a method of Thinking, it becomes clear that the Man is formless – an object definition, rather than an instance of the object definition; the genes themselves the vector primitives by which the complex ‘rendering of the drawing’ is made. When Man makes God in his magnified image it is his mental error in seeking his prior, looking for a magnified superman to worship or shun in scorn.

When blind belief that is religion, is replaced by abstract contemplation of the causal prior, seemingly intractable problems are dissolved by the alchemy of pure Reason12 – reason or reason-principles, such as embodied in ‘Platonic solids’, ‘mathematical theories’; in general, Relations of Ideas that model manifestation better than what went before.

It is possible to approach the ‘Mind of the Dreamer’, conceived as Vishnu by the people living East of the Indu river, that the west calls Christ (Krishna or Christ-I). There is no thing alien or ‘impossible’ to the Mind of Christ (Mind that is Awake) – what a human can think, it can manifest – it manifests your waking world. We can leave the minor miracles to the scientists13 and concentrate on the major miracle of transforming hatred14 into love.

For those for whom devotion comes naturally as visions of refined sense perception, develop your Reason. The Causal world of reason-principles is infinitely more refined than the Astral world of mystic vision or the ‘material world’ of your day time body. Shunning visions and miraculous powers the Sage goes on to encounter the Holy-of-holies, the Whole, the Void behind the void – I and My Father are One.

The Laws of Caesar

Ever since prehistoric humans beat one rock against another during the stone age to master the application of Force, there has been an exponential increase in human ability to make the rocks themselves cry out in a relativistic release of brute Force.

Claim to the pyramid of Force lies in the hands of Caesar, all lesser Kings and village chiefs bowing to his claim of ruthless application of organised violence against other humans. The image of Caesar’s minions is the Roman soldier who killed Archimedes in cold blood as he pondered a mathematical problem sketched in sand.

The intellectual-principle of Caesar is what may be organised as one man, a company of men or seen as vested in all men. What Caesar says is recorded in earnest, for his say-so is what Caesar’s attorney’s15 call ‘statutes’.

Wise men are instructed by reason;
Men of less understanding, by experience;
The most ignorant, by necessity;
The beasts by nature.
- Letters to Atticus, Marcus Tullius Cicero

When those of the lowest stature, beasts by nature, assume the mantle of Caesar, we experience tyranny as witnessed in the lives of historical ‘villains’, recent and ancient.

The worship of manifest Force is easy, it comes naturally to anyone who imagines that the ‘United States’ is the ‘sole superpower’, whose Force inspires tribute from lesser chiefs.

Force today is a technological mastery over little bits of rock; the ‘scientist’ exults at having discovered over a hundred different ‘elements’ of rock, and the entire ‘zoo of elementary particles’, mocking the ancients who only had five difficult words for elements, little knowing that the ancient classification of five forms of objective conscious experience, experience of Earth (solids), Air (gases), Fire (energy), Water (liquids) and Ether (space-time) binds still the scientist in his ‘Shelly like16’ human bubble of consciousness.

Caesar commands all aspects of force, claims complete dominion over liberty, whilst promising his citizens a litany of rights. He must, therefore, control money or finance as it is called today. Ever since Abraham Lincoln printed up ‘legal tender’ backed by the force of arms, it has been a financial war in which the ancient power of the lender over the borrower has been mortgaged17 to the Lord of Death.

The Caesar we know as the ‘United States’ is organised as a ‘constitutional republic’. The fact that there is a ‘written constitution’ implies that it is a legal fiction, a ‘dead’ thing without life of its own18. This Caesar is mirrored in every nation, including the United Nations.

How do the citizens expect that once the Dark Lords of Finance hold the reins of Force, the weak citizen can overcome the powerful Dark Lords? If such were indeed possible, the Minnesota Credit River decision19 would have swept away the tyranny of credit in 1968.

Those who call themselves ‘republicans’ everywhere, swear an oath to a constitution and bind themselves to the Lord of Death. Without much fuss20 they practice the administrative rituals that mortgage their life and liberty to the much hated Dark Lords of Finance21. Such people can hardly call themselves Christian. From the Gospel of Saint Matthew:

5:33 Again, ye have heard that it hath been said by them of old time, Thou shalt not forswear thyself, but shalt perform unto the Lord thine oaths: 5:34 But I say unto you, Swear not at all; neither by heaven; for it is God's throne: 5:35 Nor by the earth; for it is his footstool: neither by Jerusalem; for it is the city of the great King.

5:36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

5:37 But let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these cometh of evil.

The European Union, a manifestation of a Great Caesar for Europe22, and the United Nations a ‘world wide’ Caesar are both corporations with a constitution as are various ‘financial institutions23’ big and small. Yet the very cultivation of the reason-principle of a ‘constitution’ in the human mind leads us to the more ancient constitution left by Our Lord in the Parable of the Vineyard and his Command to Peter, “Feed my Sheep24”.

It is this ancient constitution that His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II has sought to fulfil in good faith by pledging the wealth of the Church which is but the wealth of the flock.

When the Court of Pontius Pilate, Caesar’s Magistrate25, offered Our Lord and Master the protection of Caesar against the mob baying for His blood, Our Lord refused the protection of the lesser Laws of Caesar – He was fully conscious of the One whose Law by which the crucifixion itself would be done. Unlike humans who have failed to investigate their own consciousness, Our Lord was destined to demonstrate His unity with One by His resurrection.

The question we have is, have the lower Laws of Caesar come to dominate those who profess the Law of Christ?

Commerce vs Trade

Caesar’s commerce is simply the exchange of goods for a circular promise26 to pay. Trade is exchange of goods, that is measured substance for measured substance; substance itself the Good of One.

A detailed examination then of the circulation of these ‘promises to pay’, how they come into existence and how these ‘promises to pay’ pass from one human to another must then be essential to learning the lessons embedded in and in concluding the correct course of action regarding Caesar’s financial disaster unfolding in Cyprus.

Uniform Commercial Code

The Uniform Commercial Code27 is the basis of all commercial transactions worldwide. It forms the basis for all commercial contracts, from the delivery of petroleum products to the deposits in bank accounts and their transfer as a result of a freshly concluded contract. Consider the following pertaining to obtaining a signature on a contract as a result of ‘negotiation’:


(a)  Negotiation is effective even if obtained (i) from an infant, a corporation exceeding its powers, or a person without capacity, (ii) by fraud, duress, or mistake, or (iii) in breach of duty or as part of an illegal transaction.

Then consider the following:


(a)  If a person acting, or purporting to act, as a representative signs an instrument by signing either the name of the represented person or the name of the signer, the represented person is bound by the signature to the same extent the represented person would be bound if the signature were on a simple contract.  If the represented person is bound, the signature of the representative is the "authorised signature of the represented person" and the represented person is liable on the instrument, whether or not identified in the instrument.

In short, ‘infants’ can be bound, by fraud or by an imposter. Such commercial instruments, obtained by fraudulent deception can be ‘transferred in good faith’. Commerce is war by deception. Commercial contracts turn adult humans into legal idiots – full time lunatics - ‘infants’. An ‘infant’ or legal idiot is someone who you cannot reason with at any time. A lunatic you can reason with on some days of the month28.


Contrary to popular myth, neither paper cash or bank deposits are printed by the Caesar’s Central Bank out of thin air.

Bank deposits are created when humans walk into Caesar’s Bank and sign a commercial contract, for example, a ‘mortgage29 application’, popularly called a home loan. In Caesar’s banks, the borrower is the depositor.

The borrower, unaware of the sleight of hand and the commercial nature of the contract, feels30 obligated to repay. The NAME being bound is a name created by Caesar’s registrar of live births.

The above is true for the corporate NATION. The ‘representatives’ of the people, equally legal idiots, sell Government Bonds backed by Caesar’s ability to steal by taxation, to obtain bank deposits created by the borrowing public to pay their tax collectors and enforcement agents.

Forex Market

Between the various bank liability currencies created by humans walking in and out of financial institutions there exists an inter-bank foreign exchange market.

Eager traders lap up 100:1 ‘leverage’ in a cross border trading system exchanging trillions of dollars, euros, etc. What does ‘100:1 leverage’ mean? It means they can extend for themselves an instant ‘commercial deposit’ for up to 100 times their initial ‘deposit’ to purchase a ‘commercial forex contract’. How many traders and their lawyers and bankers know this? Legal idiots, the lot31 of them.

Power vs Force

The ‘scientific’ definition of power is that it is the rate of application of energy. More the power expended, the greater the force. In spite of the French metric system, every young man wants a car with ‘more horsepower’. This is not what we are talking about here.

Power comes from owning the prior reason-principle in a sequence. For example, this is what has been used to create the system of intellectual property rights. To those who own the patent, Caesar grants the monopoly to take advantage of your neighbour.

This has been done so that any threat to Caesar, for example, in terms of a ‘better way to beat rock together’, becomes disclosed, so Caesar can grab the idea and snatch it for ‘reasons of national security’. Any sane person32 uses Trade Secrets – see Coca Cola.

Power, contemplated in this manner, grants access to virtually unlimited force. Lesser men, try to grab the force for themselves. A recent example is “Power flows from the barrel of a gun”.

Financial war

Financial war is as old as history – all genuine liberty and freedom comes from the lack thereof, all access to brute force comes from a successful swindle of the weak. Wherever you see a grand display of Force, know that the people of that country and their neighbours33 are on their way to hardship and ruin.

The decline and fall of the Roman Empire, came as a natural consequence of the debasement of money, as much from those who identified and seized for themselves the gold as best they could. Senators, then as now, are a scheming bunch34. Et tu Brutus, your time shall come too, my son.

It is the Christian church that, looking out for its own affairs – the safety of its flock from Caesar, kept the liberty of the flock intact – gold, land and inheritance, which then included marriage, enforcing the responsibility of the Trust inherent in marriage and letting Caesar disintegrate... as has to be the case with the Pharaohs of Egypt. The tribute in kind, wheat in particular, from the colonies in North Africa ceased, Rome starved and the Roman State fell to ruin. That the Church shall outlast today’s Caesar is not in question.

The question today is, will the people who only worship Caesar learn the principles of Trust, or, distrusting each other, grabbing gold and weapons and hiding in their ‘hidden’ foxholes begin to destroy themselves by Darwinian evolution. It would be a poor choice.

The infrastructure that they count on, won’t be there for such people.

Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.
- General George Patton.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the prior system of tribute by lesser Kings to Caesar, by fear, was replaced by a system of Trusts modelled on the Vineyard of the Lord parable. Linguistic groups had Kings, a Trustee of Law Enforcement, appointed by the Bishop of Rome. All rights to violence required in such enforcement were in his hands. He had to enforce Trust Law with regards to money and land, see the Gospel of Saint Luke, chapters 19 and 20.

In 1534, when King Henry VIII declared his ‘Act of Supremacy’, or “I’m better than you”, an implicit war was automatically declared35. Queen Elizabeth I, who had to defend the new Protestant Kingdom from the resulting insurrection, debased the coinage in Ireland – to prevent the rebels from being able to purchase foreign arms. In 1604, the learned and noble Law Lords ruled that since ancient times, the Sovereign36 has the power to decree what shall be the money.

The parallel history unfolding in Europe is important as it leads to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and the recognition of the Dutch Republic. The Roman form of Caesar was once again in incarnation.

In 168837 the ‘Glorious Revolution’ saw the Dutch Prince William of Orange ascend the English throne. The Declaration of Rights read to them settled the Trust – which became an Act of King William and Mary in Parliament agreed on, the Bill of Rights 1688.

By the early 1700s, the South Sea bubble was in full swing. In Europe, the Tulip mania can be studied. By the time the South Sea bubble popped, the who’s who in the Kingdom were implicated. It is during this era that Parliament granted money for the building of a certain palace for a Duke who had led the English forces to victory. In Scotland, the Darien Scheme for the Scottish to compete with the English by setting up colonies in Central America collapsed. This brought about the union of Great Britain by the Acts of Union 1707. During the reign of Queen Anne, the position of Lord High Treasurer went into commission under the Great Seal – for many reasons, including that the Acts of Union enjoined the new entity, Great Britain, to Presbyterian Polity or the use of a ‘Council of Elders’ to make key decisions. This is what gave that country a Prime Minister, the First Lord of the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Second Lord of the Treasury. Sir Isaac Newton, who was Master of the Mint, who placed England on a de-facto gold standard, said:

“I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men”

By 1776, the colonists were led to the ‘American Revolution’, modelled on the Roman Republic over a tax dispute that is not what it appears to be to the casual historian – smuggler’s arbitrage was destroyed when London cut taxes – the smugglers threw the tea of the tax paying competition in the sea38. At the same time, the French Revolution was happening in Europe. The ideas of ‘Civil Rights’ have since been promoted. Rights are a consequence of Liberty. The 1688 Bill of Rights in England to declare and entrench English Liberty were mirrored with ‘Equality, Fraternity, etc.’, in France. Fredrick Bastiat in his essay The Law39 outlines how enforced Fraternity destroys Liberty. This did not stop the lesser men who populate the legislatures from using the Powers of Caesar which they take for themselves, from trying to mould mankind by grabbing the visible and visceral Force40.

By 1812, Napoleon had failed to conquer Russia and the American Second War of Independence had reached a status quo ante bellum peace or, ‘as it was before the war began’ peace. The question is, which war?

The ‘success’ of King Henry VIII, George Washington and Napoleon inspired Bismark in Germany. An incisive thinker, he instituted ‘Public Schools41’ through the Kulturkampf to mould the children to be good soldiers and unquestioningly obey civil authority and ask for permission for every wee act; a scheme copied widely worldwide. The ‘Culture War’ purpose of ‘compulsory school education’ is not learning. Public Schools and compulsory ‘civil/secular’ education are a structural element of the Global Zoo.

By 1870, Garibaldi had united Italy by force of arms under King Victor Emanuel II and Abraham Lincoln had ‘preserved the Union’ after the American Civil War. Purportedly, slavery was abolished, with ‘equal rights’ for 14th amendment ‘citizens’.42

Abraham Lincoln had used Financial War for offensive purposes. The people of the North were forced to use ‘legal tender’ to slaughter their fellows for ideological gain. What the war was about is not obvious from the trumpeted history. This reason-principle of Caesar43 was now openly worshipped as the ‘public good’.

Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution44, published in 1872, predicted the emergence of the banker-military-industrial complex. See Letter Rogatory to the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States by this Court of Record for more information that includes an analysis of the 1908 Banker’s panic in New York and how that seemingly distant history had an effect, exactly a hundred years later in 2008.

There are other significant 100 year anniversaries that have recently arrived and a few imminent. These include but are not limited to the founding of the Federal Reserve, 2014 as the start of the Great War and closing of the International Bill Market and 2019, the anniversary of the Paris peace treaty inimitably analysed by Lord Maynard Keynes.

It must be noted that the ‘great debate’ between Hayek and Keynes is rather unequal. Keynes was an insider, aware of the financial war. He was obliged to secrecy. His remarks regarding ‘animal spirits’ and gold as a barbaric relic45 must be interpreted in the light of earlier quoted Letters to Atticus by Marcus Tullius Cicero. We pray that the only conclusions that can be reached regarding the history of the last three hundred years will result in an awakening for European and American leaders and a return to the Rule of Law – the people certainly cannot let their leaders remain mad.

History in her solemn page informs us, that the Crusaders were but ignorant and savage men, that their motives were those of bigotry unmitigated, and that their pathway was one of blood and tears. Romance, on the other hand, dilates upon their piety and heroism, and portrays, in her most glowing and impassioned hues, their virtue and magnanimity, the imperishable honour they acquired for themselves, and the great services they rendered to Christianity…

Charles Mackay, The Madness of Crowds.

The force of commercial banking

Commercial banking is a weapon of war. Local government cannot curb the power of the multinational commercial banking sector. The ‘Federal Government’ of the United States or the EU bureaucracy in Brussels or the leaders of Germany do not have the power to control the commercial banks.

By increasing or decreasing the amount of credit extended to the retail population, the commercial banking system can cause any government to collapse, imports of essential commodities to fail, etc.

The fall of the Soviet regime in the USSR was engineered by financial war. There is a devoted clique of non-sovereign actors that would like you to believe that they control the future because they participated in the take down of the USSR. In this world reflected through the looking glass, they do not see that they are participating in another campaign.

Possession of Force and Gold is no guarantee of Sovereignty. The foolishness of President Woodrow Wilson, is witnessed in The Economic Consequences of the Peace46, by Lord Maynard Keynes, regarding the Peace of Paris that marked the end of the Great War in 1919. The remarks of Mahatma Gandhi regarding the President’s 14 point plan are pertinent47. By 1933, the United States was bankrupt – in secret.

Jesus is presented to us as King David’s heir, but the liberation he brought to his people was not about holding hostile armies at bay; it was about conquering sin and death forever.
- Pope Benedict XVI, Christmas Message 201248.

The power wielded by commercial banking is demonstrated by the recent history of the 2008 banking crisis in the Price/Earnings ratio of the Standard and Poor S&P 500 index.

What does the standard deviation of the 2008 drop in the chart tell us?

When the top 500 US corporations can be shut off for three months, there is a definite message. You can be sure that anyone who is or was on the board of any such company is being extremely conservative regarding what she can do.

There is a message too for those who are waiting on contracts from such companies or believing that, for example, Apple Inc., has XX billion USD of ‘cash in the bank’.

The parallel fall in the Baltic Dry Index and the consequent largest fleet of anchored merchant vessels49 off Singapore have another message.

This brings us to the collapse of the Cyprus banks in early 2013. Those who know which index to follow were anticipating a much wider collapse and the outbreak of war. A very brave man, holding the keys to the difficulty of our time, took a tremendous historic decision to prevent the bigger catastrophe.

The visible Caesar shall not prevail. The visible Caesar cannot refuel his war ships50.

What we do not need is a ‘modern’ crusade driven by the madness of corporate banking, where people are driven to kill each other for nothing, not even a scrap of paper.

In other words, the army of today’s crusaders is driven by USD in a ‘bank’ that is not even redeemable for paper legal tender!


Two millennia ago Jesus Christ incarnated One and walked amongst us. The Roman Empire, surely the most ruthless and cruel51, fell to ruin as Christians then opposed the Emperors of those early centuries after Christ, even as Mahatma Gandhi did more recently in India.

That the British Empire, the world’s greatest in scope and extent retreated before Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent struggle shows that there were people in Power in the last century in Great Britain who recognised the re-manifestation of the Law of Christ52.

In this century past, the descendants of those Roman Warriors who populated the New World and the Old, fought two of the most satanic, violent, wars mankind has ever seen. We know how Sages came to advise the ‘scientists’ and ‘leaders’ regarding non-duality in an effort to prevent the world wars, as every wound and death is inflicted on the body of Man (Man, the Son of God, Christ). We acknowledge with deep gratitude these Sages and honour them by these words that come now to those in need of help, who are thirsty for Truth and willing to carry their Cross53 without burden to others.

Looking back at the history of the world since the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563) and the subsequent Peace of Westphalia in 1648 shows the unstoppable progress of human reason, the futile effort at suppression of information and the return of rule by the, “primitive doctrine that might is right”. The resulting history is proof that information cannot harm those who walk together in the path of Christ.

The descendants of Roman Warriors returned to their former ways and Kings fought each other for territory and subjects, eagerly financed by usurious lenders seeking to promote the new Protestant religion as a method of destroying their prior obligations by Force Majeure.

In keeping with European tradition over these past centuries, is Europe going to have its clocks cleaned by the Blind Watchmaker, given that the time now is getting to quarter past the century mark? There is yet time for people to wake up and modernise their clocks so that Prosperity comes daily to their door, rather than the empty promise of Hades.

The Emperor’s Cult of Westphalia, reorganised as the formal corporate NATIONS of the United Nations are bankrupt. Any would be Caesar would find that the promise of more fraudulent conversion would make for a short and brutal life. Those who have built a temple for Herod are welcome to try54 – Darwin loves you.

A popular revolution or ‘Declaration of Independence’ would be futile55. Those loyal to the United States might do well to read the list of grievances published in 1776 and look at themselves in the mirror.

A Roman Republic as a form of government is futile – history both ancient and modern proves that republics fail to deliver the advertising in the ‘constitution’. The ‘time scale’ for contemplation is, ‘hundreds of years of history’.

It becomes clearer who the allies are in the restoration of the ancient Rule of Law where usury is forbidden, and Trust restored in the Vineyard of Our Lord.

The Entrapped ‘INFANTS’

‘Christian morality’ as ought-to-be reasoning56 has led the gullible to be entrapped by their fear, greed and false charity. Today, a century of credit money later, there are so many who call themselves ‘Christian’ who are entrapped in ‘bank trade’ programs. Their dreams of walking as messiahs of charity in distant lands have floundered on the rocks of reality.

Equally, those who worship Caesar, ‘Oath Keepers of the Republic’, are entrapped in ‘Freedom programs’ by their worship of the brute force of fraudulent conversion. Simple logic - a look at the statutes that define a legal tender dollar and the current published Federal Reserve statistics,57 would show them that there is not multi-trillion quantities of legal tender ‘dollars’.

There are those who are the ‘super-rich’ entrapped by their belief that their bank accounts are ‘cash deposits’ - bank deposits are not cash or ‘legal tender’.58

There are those who, for example, ‘hate the Federal Reserve’. Why then do they vote for ‘representatives’ when their ‘representatives’ are technically to blame for the whole mess, borrowing more than the people can afford and condoning the rampant commercial fraud? Such people are entrapped by pure hatred and demonstrate failure to reason. The situation is the same in every ‘nation’.

Every ‘representative’, in what is today a profession, by failure to object to the loss of ability of the people to pay their debts at law are in treason to their masters, the people. The statutes of these representatives, therefore, no longer bind the people. The U.S. Congress and the U.K. Parliament and every copy worldwide including the United Nations are lunatic asylums in operation. There is little surprise then, when the process of entry for ‘refugees’ is a process called ‘asylum’. Any legal body that no longer controls their property in money is not at liberty. The Federal Reserve can be seen as the Committee for the Management of the Property of Idiots, Lunatics and Infants. We can trace the legal history of these concepts hundreds of years. A vast bureaucracy exists, inside the operating lunatic asylum, fretting about the possible loss of their retirement plans59.

There are those who are entrapped by ‘oath of office’. In the land known as America, the United States corporation statutes say clearly, oath of office is loss of American Nationality. All oaths of office come under 22 CFR, Foreign Relations, Sections §§92.12 - 92.30, and all who hold public office come under Title 8 USC, Section §1481 “Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalised citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions.” 

As soon as someone takes oath of office, he is bound by the grantor of the legal body to which he takes an oath. The question to ask is who does the formal Caesar represent? See the questions outlined in our first letter to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. By following this process, it is possible to discover the truth, which we have communicated back to those in charge of ‘constitutional reform’ there – see Open Letter to the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

There are those who are entrapped by treaties with the United States. The 11th Amendment clearly states that the United States Courts have no jurisdiction over law and equity. Treaties by the United States corporation, and the ‘debt’ of the ‘treasury’ cannot therefore be enforced against the people60.

‘Rich’ people inside the box are desperately holding on to ‘deposits’ void at law – it is the same in every nation.

Consequently, there are those entrapped with court cases in the administrative courts designed to allow lunatics and idiots space to vent their frustrations and to perform legal penance and pay their indulgences to Caesar. The most deranged want to pay imaginary taxes from the ‘profits’ from the last financial war to prolong the madness.

The entrapped have failed to ask the questions, Who is Caesar? Who is the Federal Reserve? The answer is discussed in our Letter to Professor Richard Dawkins regarding the debate at the Cambridge Union Society on the relevance of religion in the 21st century that was copied to Baron Rowan Lord Williams of Oystermouth, the Former Archbishop of Canterbury. The answers to these questions above are relevant to the people and government of all ‘nations’.

In 1870, Rome fell to the troops of the Kingdom of Italy. The Bishop of Rome, the King of Kings was confined to his house. The legal principle is, that if the liberty and property of The Sovereign is not secure, no one’s property is secure. Today, no one is at liberty, one cannot leave one’s home without a license to drive or work permit.

Is it not a wonder then, how all this has come to pass? What is the Law?

Entrapped by Mammon

On we wrote:

These principles elucidated above by John Dee and others posturing magic61, are as insanely ludicrous as is the practice of melting down all the gold they can into bars and hoarding it in vaults guarded by secret police and armies.

It's like putting ideas in a vault and thinking that the power of genius lies in the ideas themselves. How can that be? It is the mind and creative genius of men and women that creates value - not the metal just sitting there.

Metal is the ideal form to use for trading measured substance for substance. That's all.

A simple thought experiment will identify the idea-principle of Mammon. Imagine, for a moment, that you, dear reader, have all the gold in the world. Imagine that you land with it, naked, in the midst of an ancient nomadic tribe. Can you buy all the ‘goods’ that you identify with wealth? For example, a sports car, a Swiss watch, a washing machine, an air conditioner – or what about comfortable clothes, a rain coat and insect repellent? The worship of Mammon is futility itself.

There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.
- George Bernard Shaw

Entrapped by Mammon, they worship Caesar62, the sterile male ghost, the ‘Holy’ Roman Empire, the fruits of which are the skulls scattered across Europe and the world.

The presence of Zero, non-dual with One, is signified by the ‘Immaculate’ Virgin Mary, the Indian Goddess Mahakali, the Tathagatagarbha of the Buddhists, the Great Void beyond the void, the Goddess of the Triple Distant Peaks, the Goddess of the Law of Voids. By this Soliton of Law, She Herself exorcises this ghost wherever or whenever it may appear.

Dualities and trinities on something do hang
Supportless they never appear;
That support searched for, they loosen and fall
There is the Truth. Who sees that never wavers.
- Ramana Maharishi


Society today is global, the products of our daily life come from all over the world. As we wrote in our Prayer for Pope Francis, the Bishop of Rome:

The question is not which corporate body owns this or that natural resource or island big or small, but how the society of these Global Isles shall move goods freely made available by God or Nature to God’s children; how such a process shall preserve the liberty, property rights and freedom, both religious and civil, for all men and women from the poorest peasant to the Lords Temporal and Spiritual and The Sovereign himself.

The Cyprus problem

A quick look at the external facts show that Cyprus has a number of Russian ‘depositors’ who have some rather large Euro accounts. Where did the Euros originate? By deductive reasoning we can conclude that they represent the promissory notes of Europeans put on deposit by the commercial banks and or possibly Euro ‘deposits’ created by European banks as ‘currency neutralisation’ for ‘foreign’ ‘inflows’.

Russia exports a lot of oil to Europe – consumed by millions of people. The accumulated promissory notes of millions of Europeans by Russian who believe they are depositors, is what is lodged at a Cyprus bank. The Russians do not buy goods in Europe that goes back to millions of Russians. In other words they do not spend their Euros. Without the Euros re-entering circulation, the Europeans cannot earn them back to pay their ‘commercial loans’. According to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, the message is simple but devastating63:

“Europe... has lost a lot of money and therefore you must be poor now relative to the past,” he reasons in an interview with BBC World Service’s Business Daily.

“And in Asia we live within our means. So when we are poor, we live as poor people. I think that is a lesson that Europe can learn from Asia.”

“You refuse to acknowledge you have lost money and therefore you are poor,” he says.

“And you can't remedy that by printing money. Money is not something you just print. It must be backed by something, either good economy or gold.”

“I think you should go back to doing what I call real business - producing goods, providing services, trading - not just moving figures in bank books, which is what you are doing.”

“Currency is not a commodity”, he says.

“You sell coffee. Coffee… can be ground and made into a cup of coffee. But currency, you cannot grind it and make it into anything. It is just figures in the books of the banks and you can trade with figures in the books of banks only.”

“There must be something solid to trade, then you can legitimately make money.”

“I think you have paid your workers far too much money for much less work,” he says.

“So you cannot expect to live at this level of wealth when you are not producing anything that is marketable.”

His message is tough, he acknowledges, before adding with a laugh: “We used to get tough messages from you before, remember?”

What is true for commercial banks is true for government bonds, even those of Germany or, shock, horror – the United States. There is other evidence to back up this assessment.

In short, the crisis reveals that much of the European banking system is broken beyond repair. This is a case of pick one lock and you’ve picked them all. No ‘banking centre’ anywhere is safe – the formal Caesar cannot pay his bonds - the taxes are non-collectable - and the Commercial Banks cannot pay their depositors. … but this has been going on a long time, it will go on forever. … really? Quick, check in with your financial institution.

Looking for The Sovereign

Walter Bagehot wrote in The English Constitution:

But under a Presidential government you can do nothing of the kind. The American Government calls itself a Government of the supreme people; but at a quick crisis, the time when a sovereign power is most needed, you cannot FIND the supreme people.

The problem is compounded, every representative upon taking the oath of office, has become an office of a corporation exercising powers foreign to the people.

In times of crisis which organisation is it that has the capacity and goodwill to feed the people? The answer is the community church or temple. A sovereign must have access to substance, goodwill, cooperation and so forth – the person and suite of the sovereign. His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II is in an unrivaled position as the sovereign of the Cypriot Christian people.

Creating a Sovereign solution that protects the liberty of all people

People naturally trade substance for substance. Good delivery contracts for bulk commodities are a natural money. The producers of wealth are capable of issuing good delivery products of a given specification that can circulate as money. Given a handful of Lords Temporal of Good-will, loyal families who produce goods - real wealth, the system can bootstrap from the ground up on a worldwide basis.

His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II is in a position to underwrite a settlement platform for Cyprus without the assistance of fraudulent conversion at the banks.

His Holiness The Bishop of Rome as The Sovereign of the Catholic Church of one sixth of the world’s population can take the same view on a worldwide basis. See our Prayer for Pope Francis, Global Settlement of World Peace. We would respectfully suggest mutual cooperation. There is no necessity for Cyprus ‘to leave the Euro zone’ and invent a circular currency. Europe, Russia and the world will come to and use such a solution.

We are ready to assist all people of goodwill.

Justice in markets which sustains life and liberty

Consider the difference in efficiency between the justice rendered by a true stock market and a debt market. A true stock market, a market in equity, quickly puts out of business lazy or inefficient producers of goods. A true stock market does not waste resources chasing bad debt and waste creative life force to imprison ‘debtors’. A true stock market distributes the bounty of nature as dividends and creates the cross ownership of capital that creates peace64.

Debt, and debt markets on the other hand have strong emotions attached, a veritable religion that marks its adherents out, which is but an ancient method of population enslavement. ‘Sovereign’ debt, gold loaned to Caesar to prosecute war and tax people, entraps and imprisons entire populations. One’s passport is one’s prisoner’s card.

What Caesar enforces today is the worst sort of market, a stock market denominated in circular debt. Caesar has stolen all the worlds gold by fraudulent conversion. On behalf of our plaintiff, Our Father in Heaven and all His children, is this bill present in this Court of Record. All those who hold gold, shares and property for Caesar and his senators take note.

This is a soliton of law;
One if by land and One if by sea,
Zero the non-dual shall Be - One.

A Soliton of Law

On behalf of all men and women without distinction, contemplating Our Lord, One with Our Father in Heaven, is made this soliton of Law to free His children.

From the Psalms:

37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Right Action

Contemplation of the Law of Christ leads directly to Right Action.

Truth results in a one way transformation, the learning cannot be undone or forgotten, just like fire cooks an egg.

Seek and learn the truth in all matters – the demobilisation of the ‘heroic65’ men and their magnificent machines is in actuality the removal66 of the burden of their macho lifestyle from the shoulders of their fellows. There are no hordes waiting to invade and consume your countries ‘benefits’. The benefits67 can be seen for what they really are: crutches for people who can walk.

John 5:8 Jesus saith unto him, Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.

The worst famines of Africa were caused by free food sent by western charities – the local slash and burn agriculture could not compete with free food and soon there was a culture of dependence in ‘refugee camps’. The ‘green revolution’ in India is an example of how a country with starving peasants began to feed itself. Peasants have wisdom and ability to learn advanced concepts as Bunker Roy68 has demonstrated by teaching village women to become solar engineers. He has demonstrated that the difficulty is with the men.

Free ‘human dignity’ that various parliaments have been handing out have resulted in the biggest loss of dignity ever by the ‘general public’. This time we have praise for the BBC – their recent programs on the ‘toughest place to be69 …’ show common people from England who visit their counterparts in other countries. In every case the ‘spiritual’ benefit goes to the western man who visits the ‘struggle’.

Can shepherds in Kenya70 teach us a lesson? - They can, even as Christ, the Shepherd of shepherds did in His time. See those shepherds in Kenya look after their cows and guard them with their lives. There are important lessons therein regarding the duty of care for living things that feed and sustain us, important lessons in a life of gratitude compared to the life of complaints in the west. They show that cattle have, without rude interruption from commercial banks, been good money since antiquity.

Contrast the wealth the commercial banks have stolen – and the resulting war, fear and greed, which are the whips that have built the west. Is it a wonder then that Pope Francis laments the spiritual poverty of the west?

It is for us to render grateful service to our family and friends. The dirt that the children walk through the house is evidence of the renewal of life. Contrast the clean and tidy home of the spinster.

We do not accept ‘donations’, we are not a charity, we urge all charitable people to do the only charity that works: ‘teach a man to fish’. Even as Jesus taught Peter in His time, we become fishers of men, we raise the substance of God as capital and create life that is the production of wealth to exchange it with our fellow men and women in a celebration of life. The poor are to be fed, as they have been since ancient times in the Church or Temple. It is in India you can see the ancient classical constitution quietly perform its function of poor71 feeding in ‘Hindu72’ temples and take the slack - the relatively new formal Roman Caesar in New Delhi being largely relevant to providing the ‘benefit’ of commercial banking, with Rupees backed by void U.S. dollars to the new Roman vaishya merchant class and their political gods who in turn, ensure that the Licence Raj manipulates wealth to their supporter’s favour – dim echoes of protest being heard from the anti-corruption agitators such as Anna Hazare who can scarcely imagine how it all works.

The point to be noted here is that the Indian economy, the Indian banks or those of any ‘Asian tiger’ or B.R.I.C. countries are not immune to the ongoing financial crisis. The Reserve Bank of India, the country’s central bank is just a pawn in the hands of more experienced external manipulators. Their commercial banking systems and populations are vulnerable to a domino collapse of commercial credit financial institutions.

In Latin America the lower and upper middle classes are moving into a self made prison, homes with high fences topped with razor wire and double steel doors with street corner ‘chino’ grocery stores guarded by men armed with shot guns, where serial numbers of certain currency bills are noted against passport numbers. In America the police provide the only jobs for the community and revenue by radar is the way towns attempt to survive. The tired drums of ‘independence’ are being drummed in Scotland, with the UKIP wanting to ‘leave the EU’ … London is famous for its security cameras … a world wide phenomenon. Everyone is jealous of the Germans, whose newly acquired merchant fleet cannot find goods to transport and their ships are being foreclosed on and sold to offshore Greeks. … The Americans are discovering that their ‘passport’ gets them thrown out of banks and hassled by immigration authorities. … In Japan, words fail me, our prior letter to The Reigning Emperor of Japan must suffice. … The people seem to know in their bones that there is trouble coming. … They are trying to prevent the theft of the horse of sound money, closing the barn door when the horse has long since bolted.

Come, ye persecuted, honest people of the world, take refuge. Via Mat may throw your gold out of their vaults, we shall accept you and defend you against all who come in the name of Caesar and from false teachers with no inner Christ realisation.

Matthew 7:16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? 7:17 Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, One with Our Father in Heaven, we pray:

May the true leaders of men come to the fore and may the false teachers and leaders be removed from their positions of Force.

May those in public and private life, who, like the two headed Janus, pray by day in the legislatures, ‘banks’, ‘courts’, hospitals and churches and who prey upon the children of Christ by night, be consumed by the ghouls they have worshipped till they repent and seek the mercy of Christ, One with Our Father in Heaven, who lives in secret, in their heart!

May people be free to travel, live and trade throughout these Global Isles without let or hindrance from Caesar! May Caesar’s borders between us crumble like the Berlin wall!

Psalms 118:25 Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity.

The only honour that can be bestowed on us is to use the knowledge and resulting infrastructure for finality of settlement that we have created, “to feed the Sheep”.

The quiet words of the wise are more to be heeded
than the shouts of a ruler of fools.
Wisdom is better than weapons of war,
but one sinner destroys much good.
- Ecclesiastes 9:17-18

Right Action for Cyprus

That His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II must do His Beatitude’s duty to feed the flock is certain. That the formal corporate Caesar, the legal entity called REPUBLIC OF CYPRUS or the EUROPEAN UNION, both void of substance, cannot help, is certain. That the Bishop of Rome can help, is certain. It is time for the people of Europe to request the Bishop of Rome to settle the Peace.

We are pleased to place this Court of Record and the technical capabilities of the Global Settlement Foundation to create and circulate contracts for good substance at the service of all of the children of Our Father in Heaven. Wholesale contracts for good73 delivery can trade as ‘currency pairs’, for example, oil and copper. No gold needed.74 No bitcoin either75. No commercial credit required. No Caesar can grant or deny approval. Our Lord and Master Jesus Christ, One with Our Father in Heaven is the Sovereign Authority. Make way in the name of the Lord!

All this is offered to His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II and all men and women of goodwill. We invite all such to join the Global Settlement Foundation and build peace and prosperity for all.

In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ we pray: May the Cypriot people of goodwill use these facilities to trade substance for substance and help His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II serve all men and women without distinction.

If it so pleases His Beatitude Archbishop of Nova Justiniana and all Cyprus Chrysostomos II, we are available to do the work of Our Lord.

2Also enclosed is the Letter Rogatory to Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury, United States.

3The much derided Caste System of India, and the Tyranny of the Priest... is alive and well in the ‘West’. A majority of those who work in banking are not ‘upper class’. The ‘upper class’ prays while the lower class swindles the public by fraudulent conversion - without so much as a thought and with the arrogance of Caesar.

4The heads represent various personalities that a human can manifest – the angry dictator, the weeping father.

5An English word from an epic Greek poem -

6The ancient Greeks saw four levels or dimensions in number, number as monadic or counting, number as psychical or rational, giving us the insight into ratios and harmonies, for example, the ‘spiritual uplifting’ experienced by our minds in listening to music, number as essential or structural determinants in the Intellectual-Principle that order our ideation and number as divine or authentic, the reason-principles that give us insight into the nature of Reality. From our Letter to Professor Dawkins.

7This is a profoundly universal statement about God, Mind, language and knowledge. One lends unity which is to say identity to every boson, every rock, every person, yet it is also the impersonal Mind in which your consciousness arises. In one phrase it encapsulates the emphasis of Christians on a personal God contrasted with the worship of Allah, one with no name, one which is no thing, one which may not be represented by a symbol. Worship a rock idol or particle physics or your genes, you worship one which makes possible that expression of knowledge. Propose unknown ice in Antarctica or Donald Rumsfeld’s unknown unknowns and you propose one to know it. One gives one the power to say, that one is an Atheist!

8It is incorrect in this case to think of ‘will’ as volition. In ‘proper language’ saying, “I will clean the dishes” is not technically correct, “I shall clean the dishes” is the imperative command to one’s self that is spoken. The clean dishes when one is done are a testament to one’s will to clean the dishes. In legal language, ‘last will and testament’ of your written ‘deed’ is what the signature at the bottom is but a testament to. This is attested by a notary, a second conscious man or woman, so one cannot revoke that signature as it has been witnessed by the notary whose testament is his signature and seal. Thus the ‘manifest will of Our Father’ is the state of the World-Idea and your cognition of it, ‘at this moment’.

9Sir Isaac Newton spent a lot of time in contemplation of the knowledge of the ancients. We, like Newton, know gratitude for all that went before us. “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

10It is fascinating that the ancient Greeks who invented the Antikythera mechanism built the most intricate mechanical ‘watch’ of all time, to track One made manifest in the heavens and that today, two millennia later, we call the watchmaker - blind: Matthew 13:13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.

12For those thinking of Emmanuel Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, the following is offered: Manifestation is an a-causal sequence in space-time, the space-time sequence an effulgence out of the Void. Science, such as in the big bang theory, or in the spontaneous appearance of particle-wave phenomena and ‘quantum entanglement’ is just ‘getting started’ in approaching this transcendental ever-new contemplation of the ancients, with ‘mathematical theories’ substituting for ‘Platonic solids’. Extraction of vacuum energy and other scalar phenomena are military trade secrets of an intellectual elite.

13What is a high technology weapon other than a ‘mantric bomb’ from Indian scripture? Ye scientists, wake up!

14Hate is nothing other than a repeated ‘defect’ in the game of Prisoner’s Dilemma because the other side has a green beard, as in the Green Beard Syndrome – see Selfish Gene. For example: “She’s Muslim, I cannot possibly agree with her world view – it must be awful in the Burka.” Just think, you, dear reader, might need a high technology Burka to go around anonymously to avoid the Panopticon of Big Brother in the West. Any sensible westerner uses the Burka called a VPN when she walks the public internet – do you?. Matthew 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.

15A simple explanation – imagine Caesar on his throne, an earnest scribe poised ‘at Our knee’.

16Shelly-like is the type of gross ‘material body’ consciousness – think jelly-like if that word is better.

17Mortgage means bound unto death.

18The inimitable President George W. Bush said – “its a piece of paper”. The other half of the story follows.


20Where were the Patriot Armies in Washington in 1933, and again in 1971, defending their right to pay their debts at law? A republic is but a dream, that is why the ‘American Dream’ is promoted and the currency says “In God we Trust”. See diagram, Garden of Eden.

21For a historical perspective from the point of view of a ‘U.S. citizen’, see enclosed mind map of the U.S., available at: www.courtofrecord.orgUSA/

22Recently granted a bolt-on Halo as a token of friendship and respect with a hidden message.

23Why are they called institutions? A financial institution is a place that lunatics and ‘infants’ think is a ‘bank’.

24Derisory references to Sheep abound in ‘American Patriot’ literature. … Professor Richard Dawkins should take note, when the condition of man is reduced to a piece of meat: If the intellectually unsophisticated get access to the reins of power, the Global Zoo will resemble a slaughterhouse. The unintended initiation of Force against our fellow men can happen as subtle distinctions are not visible to lay devotees of his books.

25Caesar is always present in his court. The Magistrate is the representative of Caesar, bound to execute his statutes. So much for separation of powers. If the case is particularly difficult, its always easy to assemble a panel of ‘Roman Citizens’. Do you have an id? This is evidence that you are a slave-citizen or legal idiot, bound to execute Caesar’s statutes: “Look, its written down by Parliament or Congress. It must be the law”.

26A bank dollar is defined as a promise to pay one dollar! There is no good consideration involved.

28See The Law-dictionary, Explaining the Rise, Progress and Present State of British Law … 1835 by Sir Thomas Edlyne Tomlins. See entry regarding Committee for the management of the estate of Idiots and Lunatics.

29Mortgage means bound unto death.

30There is no legal or lawful force that can compel the performance of the contract.

31We have morbid admiration for the more intellectually advanced amongst them who created this Global Zoo for their fellows – in which they themselves are entrapped. We have waited patiently for these people, who called us ‘an empty gun’, for in their eyes we have only as much gold as Mahatma Gandhi – hardly fit to be invited to King Arthur’s Round Table. Is the mess in Cyprus the best such people can do? Do you think Our Father in Heaven will let thieves keep the loot? – for the answer see Luke 20:45-47.
“A stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit” - ‘Ancient Roman Wisdom’, by way of Bologna, Italy.
No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” - Albert Einstein.

32In this context a person is a name in business. These days it is invariably a Corporation with a Director, directing a play with imaginary commercial money. The grantor of the corporation, the Government in charge of the lunatic asylum, having power to disable the corporation if it gets too smart – see Warren Buffet who changed his tune regarding gold and silver.

33At ICBM speed, everyone is your neighbour.

34You may have heard the cries for a gold standard from various U.S. State legislatures in the ‘United States’. Know then, ye formal legislatures of Caesar, this Court of Record has a claim on all the gold stolen from the people of America (and the world) by unscrupulous ‘Senators’. See Letter Rogatory to the Secretary of the Treasury, United States – now applicable to every Central Bank, State and Country worldwide.

35Luke 20:15 So they cast him out of the vineyard, and killed him. What therefore shall the lord of the vineyard do unto them? 20:16 He shall come and destroy these husbandmen, and shall give the vineyard to others. And when they heard it, they said, God forbid.

36The pre-Christian powers of Caesar to debasement are recorded in the annals of history.

371689 by the new calendar of Pope Gregory in use today.

38See Tricked on the Fourth of July by Gary North.

40The people take shelter ‘offshore’ - fleeing back to those Sovereigns whose duty it is to prevent this theft. “Toothless regulators” - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

42The ‘skin colour agnostic’ Roman American citizen-slave with ‘civil rights’.

43Describing a tyrant: Luke 19:21 For I feared thee, because thou art an austere man: thou takest up that thou layedst not down, and reapest that thou didst not sow.

45The barbaric part was in the human – see how Germany funded their World War I bonds when the international bill market centred in London was shut down. “The suicide of civilised Europe”.

47Mahatma Gandhi: My nationalism includes the well-being of the whole world. I do not want my India to rise on the ashes of other nations. I do not want India to exploit a single human being. I want India to be strong in order that she can infect the other nations also with her strength. Not so with a single nation in Europe today; they do not give strength to the others. President Wilson mentioned his beautiful fourteen points, but said: “After all, if this endeavour of ours to arrive at peace fails, we have our armaments to fall back upon.” I want to reverse that position, and I say: “Our armaments have failed already. Let us now be in search of something new; let us try the force of love and God which is truth.” When we have got that, we shall want nothing else.


51What is crucifixion but a tool of Roman psychological warfare? Do Catholic Christians realize that their symbol of goodness, proclaiming the victory of Christ over cruelty, the efficacy of contemplation of Christ as One, still strikes fear into the heart of those who see it as Thomas Hobbes did, who said, “The Papacy is the ghost of the Roman Empire, sitting crowned on the grave thereof”. Those who have experienced deep contemplation will know the feeling of prana or subtle life-force leaving the crucifixion points, chiefly the palms and feet to ‘feed’ others. The English word ‘bless’ means ‘sprinkle with blood’. Blood was the closest word to prana for a Roman warrior – drinking blood from freshly ‘sacrificed’ animals was often the best ‘healing food’ for wounded warriors. Animal ‘sacrifice’ continues today in the slaughter houses to feed the descendants of those warriors – in factory farms, often with less compassion for the animal – One lives in the animal, too, just as it does in the human animal.
There are many more words for the subtle body, the food for the soul, in Sanskrit than in any Latin language, just as there are many words for ‘snow’ in the language of Eskimos. It is time for Christians to share in the bounty of the Spirit available to the world today – many Sages with access to One have blessed the east and west. The spiritual poverty of the west is deep and profound result of a wish by those who play Caesar to keep the people ignorant, the very reasons that led to the reformation. It is no wonder that the deepest achievements of contemplation occur, ‘in the wild’, in secret, and oft times, with revulsion for the Church. There is so much symbolic in the birth and life of Jesus, the happy, caring Jesus that would elevate the spirit. The bible offers so much in terms of spiritual law as compared to the ‘blind morality’ of sentimental ‘Christians’ of today, who revel in the preaching.

Ye have oft cast out and shunned the servants of Our Father who have come to serve thee.

52Sex obsessed lunatics like Patrick French and his ilk notwithstanding:

53Your consciousness is ‘crucified’ to the cross of flesh – your body. The cross is a symbol of Man.

54Therein lies a tale of a private underground war. ‘Death star’ has been silenced as the Earth shook in witness to the stupidity of such men.

55American ‘oath keepers’, Irish republicans, UKIP and others take note and read our Open Letter to the Right Honourable Nicholas Clegg, Deputy Prime Minister for the United Kingdom with special responsibility for constitutional reform. Bepe Grillo, in Italy, who has promised to ‘destroy everything’, pay close attention. The key to the workable answer was stolen in 1870.

56For example the ‘War on Poverty’ declared by the U.K. Parliament in the 1909 People’s Budget. The 1911 Parliament Act was the icing on the cake.

57See Table 10 - As of April 3 2013, the total amount of Federal Reserve notes in circulation, ‘legal tender’ are 1,136,943 million U.S. dollars or 1.137 trillion.

58Which is why childish predictions by the Gold Anti-Trust Action committee ( won’t come true. Much of the FRN cash has been removed from circulation by the sale of drugs grown in Afghanistan and Latin America – the real purpose of the drug war – to keep down price inflation on the street – a ghostly war on the Sheep of Our Father. If there is a dissolution of the banking system, the gold price would plunge as banks cannot produce legal tender for their void deposits, billions would die of starvation without a mechanism for settlement – see Letter Rogatory to the Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. for a solution. That this was prevented in 2008 and again in March 2013 shows that ‘the hated elite’ are looking out for ‘their children’ – we are looking out for all people, no thing or person or ghost withstanding. Europe, however is in a far more precarious position since they still are under the post WWII terms of surrender to the Allies. Who are the Allies? Allies for what?

59This has come up during the investigation of certain matters by the House of Lords, UK. We in this Court of Record, investigate the investigators. See 1770 Parliamentary Privileges Act.

60It should be noted that the universe prevents the running of limitations.

61Conjure is the word to look for in historical European documents.

Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair

Hover through the fog and filthy air

- Shakespeare, quoted by Lord Maynard Keynes in The Economic Consequences of the Peace.

62Caesar has just plundered the gold of Cyprus even as he has plundered all the gold in the world. When the fog of war is lifted, it is seen that each wound is a wound on the body of Christ (Idea of Man), each debt a debt drawn on the bounty of Mother. When all this is set aside by the Law of Voids, the movement of gold to the vaults of the real Caesar can be seen. Bailout means take water out of a ship – all the bailouts refer to the gold being removed from the vassal that is the formal corporate Caesar. The rest of the fuss regarding the commercial money ‘Quantitative Easing’ is just more fog of financial war.
Wherefore art thou, Caesar?


65No one in this Court is going to shed a tear when fly by wire ‘heroes’ stop bombing the people of the country where drugs are grown to strip the fellow men of the heroes’ country of their ‘cash’ because Obama won’t be able to pay them any more. If you work in such a nefarious job, quit. Don’t be annoyed at the formal Caesar as it is his job - at gun point [see JFK] - to demonstrate that worship of Caesar is bad for you. Obama knows what his job is – do the people sitting in Congress? The emotion is one of pity for these people and those who vote for them. The truth of how the world works in reality is available in these open letters.

67The benefits include the extension of commercial credit to Caesar’s favourites in banking and industry and the denial of such credit to those less privileged. The social security ‘benefits’ handed"> out to the bottom dwellers in Caesar’s favourite paradise are needed to keep the civil peace because the commercial credit, which is but free money, takes industry with it to distant lands. This is how The Sovereign has used greed to solve a number of problems simultaneously and thereby “Feed the Sheep”. We have heard, “the banking fraternity will never give up their power”. Really? The image is one of Sir Mervin King, Governor of the Bank of England, a tall man, standing on a raised platform, talking down to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, representative of Jesus Christ in the Anglican Church, on Her Majesty’s recent visit to the Bank of England.

71The poorest of the poor in India, demonstrate even today, the dignity of Man and the power of gold as can be seen in the BBC documentary, ‘Welcome to India’, where gold is retrieved from Calcutta’s sewers. The commercial banks in cahoots with the central banking infrastructure and the void notes printed with a circular ‘I promise to pay the bearer the sum of one Rupee’ prey on this gold. …

72Hindu being the label for people East of the Indu River by the British census (and Alexander the Great before them, who brought back the learned Dandamis to Greece), who follow no one in particular, only God in various symbolic forms, opaque to those who little understand their own symbols. In India, those who worship Caesar, go to New Delhi. God is never far away in India – temples abound, we have even visited a multi-faith temple with Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikh etc., shrines in the same building – universal faith, food/communion for all. When approximately a hundred million people – a third of the population of the whole of Europe or ‘U.S’ today and three times the population of Canada – can assemble peacefully at the Kumbha Mela and pass through just one city and bathe in the river, where is there the doubt that so can the people of Europe transition to peace?

The Fear and Force dazzled see Caesar victorious; those with eyes to see, see the God One dismantling the foolishness of humans and the Goddess Zero voiding all the debt and ‘carbon credits’. There is plenty of time in God’s mind, for god is Ananta, the endless One. The descendants of Roman Warriors, worship Caesar, whilst creating storms and earthquakes on a scale unimaginable to ‘infants’, who are led on to fret about climate change. Those who have faith in God see vast new continents emerge. ... and people move to higher ground. The ‘unscientific’ say that trees grow ‘from the ground’; those who see deeper see that the carbon in the trees comes from the air. More the carbon in the air, the greater the life that shall be sustained by God … the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen … come from the contemplation by One in the stars, by the Platonic processes labelled ‘Carbon-Nitrogen and Hydrogen-Helium’ fusion … all the gold they lust after, cooked for their sake by One in a distant supernova past. … the gold was made for you, not you for the gold.

73The Good is present in oil, wheat, coal, steel, etc. This is why they are called goods.

74There is no shortage of gold. See enclosed oil/gold Globals chart. The rising price of oil in dollars merely reflects the extent of the fraud. See

Hoarders of gold in ETFs and other ‘gold trading’ platforms can take delivery, stop hoarding what is but money and use it as Gold Globals – without the fear and loathing. Issue Gold Globals (or contracts for delivery of any good) under your authority – we have set up an economy not a monopoly – competition is fostered al all levels including issuance. We have a process for those who own physical metal – all gold that enters our system is subject to assay – no tungsten can get in. All those holding Caesar’s paper and bank money, who wish to Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God”, can do so. Stop thinking in dollars, euros, pounds. Comparatively, the price of oil has been – practically flat since 1946 – even getting cheaper in Gold Globals as the economy slows.

75Bitcoin is a computer currency that is popular with the young generation. See