By the grace of the living God, We, all living men, women and children, shall have Holy Peace In our lovely Earth.

This Court of Record proceeds according to the Common Law, to determine Truth in all matters, to protect liberty and the rule of law, for all people, whereever men and women breathe air and live, that is, these Global Isles.

Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
Annunciation by Murillo, 1655
‘Abundance of life and peace’

“What part of ‘fuck off ... or sure as hell you are gonna get Fucked’ do you not understand?”

This Court of Record assists Pope Francis and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the dissolution of the ‘Company of Jesus’ and subsidaries, a.k.a. Roman Curia or Court of CAESAR, including but not limited to the UNITED STATES and the FEDERAL RESERVE and the declaration of a Jubilee - all debt and all trespasses.

The process of this Court of Record has demonstrated de-facto jurisdiction in all matters, ecclesiatic, civil, admiralty, administrative, etc., with both His Holiness Pope Francis and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth [II], as well as with the de-facto USA and UK, as well as Russia, Israel and CIA/FSB, the true magisterium of our LORD Jesus Christ over the Roman 'Catholic' Church.

The Global Isles Court of Record “GICOR” shall proceed according to the Common Law, to determine the Truth regarding all matters, to protect liberty and the rule of law, for all people, where men and women breathe air and live, that is, these Global Isles.
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Before the Court

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Case #1 - The Sovereign, “We the People” vs United States of America

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Case #2 - John Doe vs H.S.H. The Reigning Prince of Liechtenstein

Common Law Courts of England and America

Today, we know for a fact that there are no ordinary, customary, Common Law courts in the United Kingdom or the United States of America, both of which are corporations with corporate fictional courts and fictional Parliaments. A Court of Record is a court for living men and women to make conscious choices as opposed to corporate constitutional courts that debate dead fiction authored by politicians.

The Global Isles Court of Record is the birthright of English speaking people the world over: A neutral Court of Record of the Sovereign. This ancient right goes back in time to the Magna Carta of 1215 and further into antiquity.

Limitation on Power

Common Law as Trust Law is built into the Christian Bible [King James Version]. The Vineyard of Our Lord parable in the Luke chapter 20 of the Bible is a limitation on 'unlimited Power'. The Court of Record of 'The Sovereign' is bound to deliver you from false teachers of the law (Luke 20:45-47) and those who "takest up that thou layedst not down, and reapest that thou didst not sow." (Luke 19:21). Trust Law is the rock on which Constitutional Law is built. Any contemporary 'Sovereign' inherits this limitation.

Magna Carta and the Bible

The symbol of this court, the lighthouse with lex terrae in the ray of light, represents Her Majesty The Queen of England’s power calling all Her Majesty’s corporate vessels including the United Kingdom and its Parliament back to lex terrae, the Common Law, the law of the land. Wherever you see this symbol, you know that you have reached the legal safety and certainty of the Magna Carta, the 1688 Declaration of Rights and the Christian Bible made universal for all, without distinction of people and nations.

The Crusaders

History in her solemn page informs us, that the Crusaders were but ignorant and savage men, that their motives were those of bigotry unmitigated, and that their pathway was one of blood and tears. Romance, on the other hand, dilates upon their piety and heroism, and portrays, in her most glowing and impassioned hues, their virtue and magnanimity, the imperishable honour they acquired for themselves, and the great services they rendered to Christianity… — Charles Mackay
The Madness of Crowds.

What we do not need is a ‘modern’ crusade driven by the madness of corporate banking, where people are driven to kill each other for nothing, not even a scrap of paper.

In other words, the army of today’s crusaders is driven by USD in a ‘bank’ that is not even redeemable for paper legal tender!

Global Settlement

Finality of Settlement is the magic ingredient that transforms the much maligned Lords of Finance into the heroic Lords of Money. It touches the heart of every transaction and ensures that this insanity of living at the brink of apocalypse is forever banished.

Those who make claims that exceed the total quantity of money, imagining that a release of Zimbabwe quantities of fiction into circulation will somehow ‘end poverty’, are delusional simpletons.

Any Global Settlement that shall withstand the test of time, can only balance claims from ‘legal tender’ and ‘various national and international bank liabilities to pay legal tender’, against the available lawful money that is deliverable gold.

Gold is tax free, debt free, interest free money. Gold is lawful money — as you can see from the charts at this link, the price of oil in dollars reflects the extent of bank fraud, the price of oil under the Global Standard is flat. Gold is the ultimate guardian of accountability, liberty and the rule of law.

David vs Goliath

An American woman, who has ‘woken up homeless in the land my forefathers conquered’, been harassed by the goons that purport to represent the United States of America, has now fired the shot to end the financial war.

‘It has taken a common woman of America, one of “We the People” to come to the aid of Her Majesty The Queen of England, to free Her Majesty The Queen of England and “We the People” from bondage and take on this U.S.A. corporation just as Biblical David took on Goliath in 1 Samuel 17. Behold this soliton of law, a single stone, that shall dissolve the tyrant into the void from which it appeared.

It is now up to you to claim and demand what is your birthright — lawful money, liberty, freedom of conscience and the Rule of Law.