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What is now: U.S.A., A State of Financial War

The founding principles and current effects

The USA mind map explores how the competition of ideas between the English King and the Papacy in Rome has, over the course of some centuries, shaped the history of the United States of America (a legal fiction). Download PDF for printing: US-Letter paper, A4 paper, A3 paper (recommended)

"Jesuitical Exegesis" is the use of language designed to appear to mean one thing, but in reality means something else.

Normal people discuss personalities (Vote Ron Paul!), the thinking man discusses events (Euro collapse!), the wise see competition between and evolution of Ideas (memes) in the minds of men.

Property, wrote David Hume, arises in the relationship of the object with the mind of a rational man or woman. In the old days, you could run away from Europe. Today, you cannot run away from Ideas. The shadow of the Roman soldier who killed Archimedes as he was thinking, scribbling in the sand, is upon you. In contrast, see English Liberty - A Diagram of how a free people's liberties result in the entire system of contracts.

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Mind map of USA